Vacation 2012: Rehearsal

Back to the vacation.  As I mentioned, our main reason for visiting Michigan was Mon Amour's sister's wedding. And, of course, any good wedding must have a good rehearsal. 

Papillon read a few hymnals while waiting for her cue to recess down the aisle.

Practicing! Papillon actually had a lot of fun once she warmed up to everyone, and the massively huge flower that she got to carry was just precious.

All good rehearsals end with a little rehearsal dinner; this rehearsal dinner came with the unexpected bonus of balloon animals!

Hibou enjoyed herself as well - all stretched out on the floor and watching the world go by.

Grandad was nice enough to let Papillon start with dessert....we didn't get any further than dessert actually. But that's ok; it was vacation.
All this rehearsing is enough to wear a baby out!

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Eliz. K said...

"read a few hymnals" has me laughing :-D