Vacation 2012: The Wedding

And then there was the wedding!  A beautiful, simple, purple and red affair that went very smoothly!

Papillon getting ready with all the girls.
Mon Amour getting some advice from his sister about how to make the pocket square work on a suit that doesn't actually have a pocket.

The girlies - all ready for the fun to begin!

My hands were a bit full during the ceremony, so I don't have any pictures of that. I did attempt a video of Papillon walking down the aisle  (see below) but I wasn't actually watching what i was doing, so its not that great. The ring bearer ran down the aisle ahead of her, and then went back to "get her" but eventually Papillon made it all the way down the aisle just fine. 

Chattin' with the bride following the ceremony.

Hanging out with Grandad, slightly overwhelmed at what she had just accomplished (she managed to process out of the sanctuary as well!)

Us girls, enjoying some ice cream at the receiption.


Bushed from being so quite for the ceremony.  (I did have to leave at one point, but only briefly)

This is actually from before the ceremony. Papillon was practicing walking up and down the aisle, which helped alot, cause she was able to get used to there being people in all the pews that had been empty during the rehearsal.

Making friends with the ring-bearer.

Possibly the cutest Papillon-moment of the whole day was when we got back to the room and she was a bit slap happy. And we taught her to pick up the hotel room phone and say "Room service please!" Hilarious!

Oh, and credit for the adorable hair bow goes to Mon Amour's mom, it was a last minute addition to her hair and sooooo cute!

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Eliz. K said...

oh my, that P and that HUGE flower are too cute!!!