Practice for Vacation

Just before our vacation, in order to prep Papillon for all the flying (it wasn't her first time flying, but flying when you are 10 months is very different from flying at almost 2 years old) me and the girls went on a field trip with Nannie to the airport to watch the planes. 

The airport has an observation area where you can watch planes, and also explore different displays, including a cut out from an airplane cabin, some landing gear, and a play area for kids where they can climb through a pretend airplane and onto a baggage car thing.

Papillon thought it was great!

There is a cool park near the airport that is located essentially at the end of the runway, so planes take off right over head. We grabbed some lunch and picnicked while we watched the planes.  At first it was too loud for Papillon, but we taught her to cover her ears and then she thought it was great.

Hibou enjoyed the beautiful weather!

Afterwards, we went to Nannie's house for a bit, and Hibou busted out the full-face smiles to show how much she enjoyed the day!

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Beth Anne said...

My parents take Emma and Will there to watch planes too! One of their favorite things to do when they visit :-)