Bittersweet Family Time

As i mentioned last month (yes...still a month behind on blogging) my wonderful grandfather passed away.   While clearly a sad time, the subsequent family together-ness time that it inspired was very sweet.  We all gathered after the funeral service for some food and fun memories.

Nannie and Papillon.

Aunt Mmi and Papillon bouncing on a trampoline

Perusing the family photo albums that Nannie brought along.

Just chillin with Hibou

A bible that belonged to Grandpop's mom, Papillon' Great Great Grandmother Namesake

Possibly the most entertaining of all the boxes of memories was ths scrap book that Granpop's mom assembled of nothing but catastrophes. Plane, train, car crashes. Deadly house fires. Freak accidents. It was weird....but oddly entertaining.

Checkin out the smart phone with her Uncle A and my Aunt N.

Cool antique paraphenalia that belonged to Nannie and Grandpop and assorted family was also on the agenda for the afternoon.

And, of course, a few family photos.

Nothing beats some good ol' family time!

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