Vacation 2012: Assorted

A few, final, assorted photos from our vacation (time to wrap it up since we have been back for more than a month now...)

Papillon and Hibou hanging out in Uncle A's cool chair (which you may remember from my last Idaho adventure)

oh sister moments. my favorite.

Hanging out with dad.

Making faces at breakfast.
Just chillin'

Our last adventure of the trip was up this "hill".  Don't be deceived by its round, friendly nature, this thing is huge!  And the drive up to the top is intense. Its a narrow road with no guard rail, up against a steep drop off.
The view was pretty spectacular (pictures don't do it justice), but it was pretty cold, and insanely windy. So I made Mon Amour get out and take a few pictures before we drove down.
Back in 1888 there was a hotel on top of this hill...I can't imagine how much work went into getting building materials up this mountain!
We returned from vacation late on a Wednesday at the beginning of June, less than 48 hours later, Mon Amour left on another overseas business trip and the summer has been a whirl wind since then.  There are lots of fun things to blog about, and hopefully I'll find time for that soon!

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