Vacation 2012: Traveling

Just before summer started, our little family headed out of town for a big 2-week vacation!  We were off to gallivant about the country, visiting family, and seeing the sights.

Our trip included 6 flights (3 different trips with 2 flights each), two 4-hour car rides, one 8-hour car ride and lots of other little trips in between.  It was a lot of traveling  - but it all went really smoothly!   Both girls did very well with all the traveling.

Here is Papillon enjoying her pen and notebook...with a blanket on her head. I don't know what, but she found that to be highly entertaining.

Our last flight was a bit delayed due to a sever thunderstorm.  As the thunderstorm cleared up, a huge rainbow appeared in the sky! It was really cool to take off through the rainbow. We didn't get a picture, but it looked like the rainbow was wrapping around the plane. Very cool!

Hibou did a great job with the flights. She was pretty chill the whole time. Snacked a little, slept a lot, and made lots of friends with her cute smiles.

Papillon proved to be a HUGE fan of flying. "More fly-a plane!" she'd say as we were getting off, and was very sad when we had to tell her that was all the planes for that day.

She officially didn't have her own seat, but on a few flights, there were empty seats and we were able to sit together with an extra seat between us.

Hanging out in the airport was also lots of fun for Papillon.

Traveling is, of course, exhausting.

Fortunately Hibou let Papillon borrow her car seat for riding through the airports (Hibou was in the sling), Papillon found the car seat to be very "comfy".

More hanging out in the airport!


I was very anxious about all the traveling, and am very pleased with how smoothly it all went. We have two very flexible little girls who are now traveling-pros!

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