Lemon Blueberry Shower

A little over a month ago now, I had the great pleasure of hosting a Bridal Shower for a good friend of mine from college.  Her wedding colors were going to be blue and yellow, and it was a summer shower, and on top of that her new last name is Lemon.  So, obviously we had a blueberry and lemon themed shower. 

Complete with an AMAZING cake made by a friend of mine.

Lots of blue and yellow foods (including blue and yellow jello salad...not pictured. When looking for blue food, you obviously have to do blue jello. I got waaaay too many compliments on the creativity of this idea. People give me too much credit)

Lots of presents! Check out that sweet wedding-cake-present!

There only a few puns on the new last name.

College friends!


Papillon thoroughly enjoyed herself. She made friends with one of the Bride's friends who colored with her, and played in her room and all that. So she a little sad when the party ended. At least she got to hold on to some streamers to keep the celebration going.

Hibou also did a great job - everyone thought she was the best baby ever.  she was pretty calm the whole time and allowed me to play hostess

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