Vacation 2012: Iowa Festivities

The day after the wedding, we packed up and drove down to Iowa - an 8 hour drive according to our directions. We made it in 11 hours. Not too shabby considering we had two little ones, and made an extra stop in Osh Kosh Wisconsin just so that we could say we had been there. 

In Iowa, there was a 2nd wedding reception for the family there that couldn't make it to Michigan.  The festivities took place at a camp that has been a part of Mon Amour's mom's side of the family in many ways. Pretty much everyone in the family has worked there or gone there at one point or another so it was a fitting place for the Iowa Reception. 

There was a little bit of down time in the morning before the party started. 

So Papillon and I explored the camp and found a fun slide to play on.

Once the party started it was all-family-all-afternoon!  Family photo with Great Grandpa (Mon Amour's Grandpa)

Family photo with the happy newlyweds!

And with the whole family (Mon Amour's immediate family, that is.  Entire family photo to follow...)

Hibou enjoyed hanging out on the comfy couches.

And Papillon enjoyed playing with  a "cousin" (Mon Amour's cousin's daughter) who was her age.

Then it was family photo time. Insert chaos here. PSA: When attempting to get a picture of 30+ people, pick a spot, stand there, and just look at the camera. Don't check on what everyone else is doing, if you do, no one will ever all be looking at the camera at the same time.   Papillon and I found a good spot, and just waited.

...and waited....and waited...

...eventually everyone stood still and looked at the camera!  (and in case you are wondering Hibou is being held by one of Jacob's cousins - the lady in the purple top on the left of the picture)

Once the festivities were over it was time to head back to Wisconsin where we would take off for the next leg of our trip. Had to say good bye to Aunt N.  Note how sad Hibou was about this.

Good by Camp Wyoming!

Good bye, Iowa and your amazing rolling hills and fields.

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