Berry Picking

Also before vacation, (do you like how my blog is all out of order these days!) the girls and I met my family at a (relatively) nearby farm to do some Strawberry picking. I had originally wanted to take a stab at jam making this year. But since we had less than 48 hours between picking and leaving for vacation, and since lots of packing still needed to be done, I was lucky to get all our beautiful berries chopped and packed in the freezer.  Next year we will try jam...

Papillon was actually quite good at berry picking once we showed her what to do.

Here are my siblings, modeling our berries.

And Papillon bringing along an extra one attached to her foot.

The farm has some fun things for kids to play on including a big wooden train.  "Sit down, grandpa! sit down" Papillon said. "papillon drive!"

The big kids enjoyed the wooden swingset.

And we all explored the petting zoo.  This was possibly the world's friendliest goat. You walk into the petting zoo area, and he comes running. Literally, running! It was actually a little scary in the "someone grab Papillon before she gets head-butted" sense. But he was just looking to be petted or fed a little snack.

This donkey was also pretty friendly.

More swinging fun!

After all the berry picking, petting zoo fun, we had lunch at the restaurant at the farm. Papillon was glad to be out of the Ergo and able to sit and see the world.

Papillon enjoyed sharing her grilled cheese sandwich with Grandpa.

And what is not to love about a chocolate peanut butter sundae, where the home made chocolate peanutbutter fluff is as thick as the ice cream, and also topped by whip cream equally as thick.

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