Hibou: 4 Months.

Happy 4 months to Hibou!

For comparison, here is Hibou at 3 months.   And Papillon at 4 months.

First of all, if you were to have asked me to compare Papillon at 4 months to Hibou at 4 months, I would have said they were very different. And yet, when I went back and read Papillon's 4 month post, I discovered that I could just cut and paste that post with a picture or two of Hibou, and it would have been accurate. They are soooo similar! And other than the blonde hair for Hibou, I think they look really similar as well!

Here is Hibou with Dollie.

Papillon and Hibou continue to be really good friends.  Papillon makes Hibou smile all the time. And Hibou provides much entertainment for Papillon.  She is constantly showing things to her (every morning after I get Papillon dressed she says, "I show Hibou!") and explaining things to her. Its precious.

Hibou at 4 months....

....(update) weighs 12lbs 6oz (25 percentile).  And is 24.25 inches long. So exactly as long, and yet 10oz lighter than Papillon at this age. I never would have guessed it. But she truly is my little pipsqueak.

...is ready to learn to nap. Cat naps no longer suffice, she needs a couple solid, sound-asleep kind of naps every day.  She naps best when she is held, but that is not super practical, so we are working on some other solid napping options.  She, hands down, prefers to sleep on her stomach. And on something fluffy, like a couch.

...goes to be around 8pm, gets up around 8am. With 1-2 snacks in the middle of the night. I am in no rush to eliminate those midnight snacks. They are quick and easy, she goes right back down after 10 minutes of snacking, and I kind of enjoy the quiet snuggle times it gives us.

....eats every 2-4 hours.

....has rolled over a couple times. Ok, really just twice. But, it's a start. She actually hasn't gone from front to back yet (I lay her on her front and she either screams bloody murder, or falls asleep. No rolling over), but can do back to front.  Below is a picture of the 2nd time she rolled over; poor thing was so frustrated, she had rolled over, but didn't actually want to be on her stomach.

...the back of her head is a little lopsided from laying on her back and constantly looking to one side. Like I said, she HATES tummy time.

...loves to sit up in the Bumpo, loves to hold her head up when you hold her, and otherwise seems to have solid head control.

....smiles all the time. At everything. She particularly enjoys having her cheeks tickled.  (a trick that Papillon has caught on to!)

...loves to have her belly patted. Burping her from the back is fine, but sit her in your lap and pat her stomach, and she is in heaven!

...is doing more and more with her hands. Her hand movements still seem some what random, but if you give her something that rips (such as a tissue) and she loves to rip it to shreds.  She also enjoys gnawing on her hands, or on whatever toy you place in her little fist.

...seems to be more fair-complected than her sister. She gets red in the face really really really quickly. Either when she is hot, or angry, or gassy, or tired, or pretty much anything.  I don't remember Papillon getting quite as tomato colored as Hibou does.
....loves the water. She takes baths with Papillon these days, and will just lay there happily on her little frog-mat for a long time. Kicking, splashing, getting water everywhere. She loves it. The couple times she has been in my parents pool she also seemed to enjoy that.

Here is a video or two of some adorable sister-interaction.  Note in this one how Papillon "teaches" Hibou about the doll's eyes saying "Have eyes on? yes." in a very explanatory tone. Also note how she shakes her hand and says "nice to meet you, baby hibou". Hehe.

Just a little every day sisterly adorableness.

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