Vacation 2012: Just Plain Fun

Possibly on of the best parts of our vacation were those parts where there was nothing to do and we just hung out and relaxed. That is what vacation is all about. 

During such times, Papillon bonded with Uncle A. She would get nervous around him every morning, as though she had forgotten that she knew him. But there are a couple of keys to Papillon's heart.  Ipad-type games are one....instant friends thanks to a game they called "Fluffy Birds"

Uncle A and Papillon counting polka dots!

A playground / slide is another great way to become Papillon's best friend. Luckily there was a great little playground conveniently located between Uncle A's apartment and his stores (all within walking distance) so we met him there after work frequently.

More ipad/pod-esque games with Uncle A. and one of Uncle A's other nieces (who is not officially a cousin...but really should be!)

Dinner with said might-as-well-be-a-cousin who is just a month older than Papillon.

Uncle A and Aunt L reading with the nieces.

Hibou hanging out at church with Uncle A and Aunt L.

Post-church lunch, these girls, when asked to give each other a hug, awkwardly looked in opposite directions, pretending they hadn't heard.  (Despite this, they were actually good friends for the visit)

Kite flying (on the only non-windy day we were there. haha) with Aunt L. So fun!

Hibou, hanging out with the other might-as-well-be-a-cousin, who is also about a month older than Hibou.

More fun with technology.

For some less technological fun...."fixing" Uncle A's hair. 

Fun times at lunch.

Exploring the great outdoors and smelling the irises.

Aunt L's family has a great piece of property to run around on...

...and of course, there were the alpacas!

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