Vacation 2012: Spokane

On Uncle A and Aunt L's day off, we took another day trip. This time to Spokane, which is one of their favorite places to explore so they knew all the right places to go!

The day started off with donuts from the "Donut Parade" which looks suuuuuuper sketchy from the outside, and also pretty sketchy from the inside (definitely a local place!) but the donuts were amazing and the people were very friendly.

Hibou, wishing she could have a donut.

Then we explored a large park (I think they held a World Fair here at one point), complete with this piece of art that is also a slide. Papillon very much enjoyed this, even though it was a bit big and she got going "too fast" a couple times.

They tried to show us the "trash goat" which is a statue of a goat that will actually eat your trash.  Alas, it was in need of repair, so it was just a plain old goat statue.

We then all rode the carousel. As it got moving, Papillon looked at me anxiously and said "too fast, mommy! too fast".  Since there was no stopping it, and no getting off, I told her it would be stopped soon. And she replied "ok, soon". And proceeded to thoroughly enjoy the rest of the ride. I guess she just wanted to make sure we weren't going to spin for forever!

This turned out to be one of the most memorable parts of the trip for Papillon. A couple days after returning from the trip, out of no where, she looks at me and says "Uncle A. Horses! Ride Horses" "Really? What did Uncle A's horse do, Papillon?"  I asked.   "Up and Down! Up and Down!" she exclaimed, adding some hand motions into the mix to further express her enthusiasm.

There are some sweet waterfalls in Spokane. Having (relatively) recently been to Niagra Falls, I know that this is not anywhere near as big as those falls, but there was something extra impressive about these. I think it was because you could get so close to them and really see the water charging down the river!

We were brave enough to ride the funicular that takes you out over the falls.  Papillon sucked her thumb nervously for the whole ride. And I may have clung to my seat for the whole ride....but it was enjoyable nonetheless.
Going down to the falls!

Lunch in Spokane was at a restaurant shaped like a milk bottle. Literally. It was a diner type place famous for their milkshakes.
Papillon got a grilled cheese and french fries, while the rest of us got the burger/milkshake combo. Soooo good! 

Hibou enjoyed some snuggles with Aunt L during lunch.

And then some snuggles with Uncle A after lunch.
Our final stop was to a park/botanical gardens. It is a huge park with lots of different types of gardens. We explored the Koi Pond garden area which was gorgeous. Uncle A and Papillon had lots of fun exploring.

Just as we were wrapping up our fun, it started to rain. Perfect timing, time to head home!

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